Do you offer a warranty for your roofing work?

Roofing Warranties

Many people do not clearly comprehend what are the specific protections they expect from roof warranty. The most common roof warranties available are the workmanship warranties and manufacturer warranties. Workmanship warranties are normally offered by those contractors who are responsible for roofing, especially installing the work. These warranties normally cover the works that go into installing a new roof and the labor associated with its installation. On the other hand, manufacturer warranties are those that are offered by the manufacturer of the roofing materials. Actually, having the manufacturer warranty normally protects people against defects related to roofing materials. For example, if the roofing materials break down before they should. get more info on roofing from

Many times people turn their roofing warranties into useless pieces of papers unconsciously. This, normally happen when they start fixing new things on their roofs. Installation of new things on the roofs, always have high chances of causing small defects to the roofs. For example, drilling holes in the roof for purposes of installing a solar panel may result in the roof leaking. This may make the roofing warranty void if the contractor was not contacted before installations were done. The following are some of the things that may make the roofing warranty to be void if the concern warranty authorities are not consulted.

Installations of satellite dishes and antennas may cause some of part of the warranty to be void.

Installations of solar panels and skylights which normally cause major roof work, which may include removal of shingles and roof penetrations. These actions may completely make the roof warranty void.

Pressure washing performed to remove buildup of moss on the roof. This may severely damage the roof because of its very strong pressure washing forces. Thus making the roof warranty void since it damages the roof and hence, the contract or the manufacturer warranty will cease to be functional.

Inappropriate attic ventilation in the house may nullify the roofing warranty. This is because inadequate venting may trap a lot of heat in the attic and cause wearing out of the shingles. you can also visit Calgary Roofing Company.


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